The Future of Jobs: Working on Being Human

Une tribune en anglais de Michael Laitman pour Basic Income applaudit le transfert de tâches humaines vers les robots. Une révolution heureuse pour l’auteur, à condition qu’on octroie parallèlement à tou·te·s les moyens de vivre, indépendamment d’un salaire.

The sooner we acknowledge the inevitable redesign of our socio-economic infrastructure, in a way that jobs will no longer exist in the same sense as before, we will come to grips with the necessity to provide for the basic needs of all members of society.

Whether we do it through some form of Universal Basic Income, or any other technical mechanism, we must understand that a change of social values is the core issue at hand: Every country’s leadership must acknowledge that looking out for the basic needs of every citizen—food, shelter, clothing, education and health—is their top priority.

Illustration : CC 0 Raysonho.