The Future of Jobs : Working on Being Human

Une tri­bune en anglais de Michael Laitman pour Basic Income applau­dit le trans­fert de tâches humaines vers les robots. Une révo­lu­tion heu­reuse pour l’auteur, à condi­tion qu’on octroie paral­lè­le­ment à tou·te·s les moyens de vivre, indé­pen­dam­ment d’un salaire.

The soo­ner we ack­now­ledge the inevi­table rede­si­gn of our socio‐economic infra­struc­ture, in a way that jobs will no lon­ger exist in the same sense as before, we will come to grips with the neces­si­ty to pro­vide for the basic needs of all mem­bers of socie­ty.

Whether we do it through some form of Universal Basic Income, or any other tech­ni­cal mecha­nism, we must unders­tand that a change of social values is the core issue at hand : Every country’s lea­der­ship must ack­now­ledge that loo­king out for the basic needs of eve­ry citi­zen — food, shel­ter, clo­thing, edu­ca­tion and health — is their top prio­ri­ty.

Illustration : CCRaysonho.

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