Basic income could work — if you do it Canada‐style

Un article en anglais de Brian Bergstein pour le MIT Technology Review s’intéresse à l’expérimentation en cours à Lindsay en Ontario et à l’avis des béné­fi­ciaires.

If any place can illu­mi­nate both the advan­tages of basic income and the pro­blems it can’t solve, it will be Lindsay. The town is pros­pe­rous by some mea­sures, with a median hou­se­hold income of $55,000 and a his­to­ric down­town dis­trict where new condos and a craft bre­we­ry are on the way. But that masks how tough it is for a lot of people to get by. Manufacturing in the sur­roun­ding area, known as the Kawartha Lakes, has decli­ned since the 1980s. Many people juggle mul­tiple jobs, inclu­ding sea­so­nal work tied to tou­rism in the sum­mer and fall. Technology is part of the sto­ry too : robots milk cows now.


Illustration : © Brian Bergstein.

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