Basic income could work—if you do it Canada-style

Un article en anglais de Brian Bergstein pour le MIT Technology Review s’intéresse à l’expérimentation en cours à Lindsay en Ontario et à l’avis des bénéficiaires.

If any place can illuminate both the advantages of basic income and the problems it can’t solve, it will be Lindsay. The town is prosperous by some measures, with a median household income of $55,000 and a historic downtown district where new condos and a craft brewery are on the way. But that masks how tough it is for a lot of people to get by. Manufacturing in the surrounding area, known as the Kawartha Lakes, has declined since the 1980s. Many people juggle multiple jobs, including seasonal work tied to tourism in the summer and fall. Technology is part of the story too: robots milk cows now.


Illustration : © Brian Bergstein.


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