Andrew Yang, le candidat de la fin du monde

Russell Brandom, dans The Verge :

Yang’s pitch was simple: automation is destroying American jobs, and we need a president with some kind of answer. If you believe that, the robot-obsessed startup guy could be your only option.

Yang’s answer looks a lot like socialism, although he doesn’t use the word himself. The centerpiece of Yang’s campaign is a $1,000 monthly check to every person in America, paid for with a Nordic-style Value Added Tax. That’s normally called a basic income, although the Yang campaign calls it a “freedom dividend,” since focus group testing found the idea was more popular in the language of corporate ownership. Left-wing think tanks like the Roosevelt Institute and Data for Progress have been pushing a basic income for years as an alternative to the current labyrinth of federal aid programs, but Yang is the first presidential candidate to build a campaign around it.

Un portrait d’Andrew Yang, candidat à la primaire du Parti démocrate pour l’élection présidentielle de 2020 aux États-Unis qui a le vent en poupe. Il a fait de l’octroi d’un revenu sans condition une mesure phare de son programme.

Source. Illustration : © Amelia Holowaty Krales.


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