Why universal basic income costs far less than you think

Un article en anglais d’Elizaveta Fouksman pour The Conversation revient sur une erreur cou­rante lorsqu’on parle de reve­nu de base : le « coût » de la mesure n’est qu’une frac­tion du bud­get glo­bal.

A true cost esti­mate will always dis­cuss who the net bene­fi­cia­ries will be, who the net contri­bu­tors will be, and the rate at which we gra­dual­ly switch people over from being bene­fi­cia­ries to being contri­bu­tors as they get richer (this is some­times cal­led the claw‐back rate, the with­dra­wal rate or the mar­gi­nal tax rate – which is not an ove­rall tax, but sim­ply the rate at which people start to return their UBI to the com­mu­nal pot as they earn more).


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