SWITZERLAND: Filmmaker and Village Collaborate to Plan “Basic Income” Trial

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Un article en anglais de Kate McFarland pour Basic Income News fait le point sur l’initiative de la réalisatrice Rebecca Panian dans le village de Rheinau en Suisse.

To preclude misunderstanding about what is happening in Rheinau, it should be stressed that the village is not enacting a basic income, nor is its government deliberating an implementation of the policy, nor is it running a state-sponsored trial. Moreover, to avoid possible confusion, it is specifically worth noting that this latest news from Rheinau is unrelated to previously reported discussions of basic income pilots by Swiss political bodies, such as the investigation of municipal basic income pilots initiated last year in nearby Zurich.

Instead, the news is this: the city council has agreed to permit an independent filmmaker Rebecca Panian to make the village the site of privately funded one-year trial of a program similar to basic income, involving at least half of the town’s population, which would serve as the basis for a documentary. The project’s main purpose is to provoke interest, discussion, and further research into the idea of basic income.


Illustration : CC BY-NC 2.0 Wisi Greter.