Should we worry about Basic Income earners slacking?

Should we worry about Basic Income earners slacking?

Une tribune (en anglais) d’Aleksander Masternak pour Basic Income News s’intéresse à l’une des peurs associées au revenu de base : « Les gens ne voudront plus travailler ! ».

Pour lui, cette peur est largement injustifiée, la littérature scientifique récente montrant plutôt une volonté des individus à avoir des activités, qu’elles soient rémunérées ou non.

Individuals work for reasons far exceeding the need to earn subsistence. Unfortunately, despite years of technological development and raised standards of living, individuals are still thought only capable of being motivated to work through the deprivation of their physiological needs. Empirical evidence suggests people care about their work for more than just earning a wage. When the labour market does not offer a sufficient supply of meaningful work that a labourer can take on, earning subsistence seems to take precedence. Systematically denying individuals meaningful work, however, could be detrimental to the individual’s capacity of devising and pursuing their conception of the good life.

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