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Desert golfing: chosen works

An obsessive journey through one of my favorite pointless games.

So close, one
So close, one
So close, two
So close, two
So close, three
So close, three
On the edge, one
On the edge, one
Shy, one
So close, four
So close, five
So close, six
So close, seven
So close, eight
So close, nine
So close, ten
So close, eleven
So close, twelve
So close, thirteen
On the edge, two
Because physics, one
So close, fourteen
So close, fifteen
So close, sixteen
So close, seventeen
So close, eighteen
So close, nineteen
So close, twenty
So close, twenty-one
So close, twenty-two
Green friend, one


Green friend, two
So close, twenty-five
Treacherous waters, one
So close, twenty-six
On the edge, three
So close, twenty-seven
So close, twenty-eight
Rock on smaller rocks, one
So close, twenty-nine
So close, thirty
So close, thirty-one
So close, thirty-two
So close, thirty-three
So close, thirty-four
So close, thirty-five
So close, thirty-six
So close, thirty-seven
So close, thirty-eight
So close, thirty-nine
So close, forty
So close, forty-one
Because physics, two
So close, forty-one
The only count that matters, and an option for social interaction
So close, forty-three
So close, forty-four
So close, forty-five
So close, forty-six
So close, forty-seven
So close, forty-eight
So close, forty-nine
So close, fifty
So close, fifty-one
So close, fifty-two
So close, fifty-three
So close, fifty-four
So close, fifty-five
Treacherous waters, two
So close, fifty-six
So close, fifty-seven
Because physics, three
So close, fifty-eight
So close, fifty-nine
So close, sixty
On the edge, four & Treacherous waters, three
So close, sixty-one
So close, sixty-two & Treacherous waters, four
Treacherous waters, five
Treacherous waters, six
So close, sixty-three
So close, sixty-four
Treacherous waters, seven
Treacherous waters, eight
Because physics, four
On the edge, five
On the edge, six
So close, sixty-five
So close, sixty-six
So close, sixty-seven
So close, sixty-eight
Treacherous waters, nine
Treacherous waters, ten
Treacherous waters, eleven
Treacherous waters, twelve
Treacherous waters, thirteen
Treacherous waters, fourteen
Treacherous waters, fifteen
Treacherous waters, sixteen & Scene glitch, one
So close, sixty-nine
Treacherous waters, seventeen
Two thousand
So close, seventy
Treacherous waters, eighteen
On the edge, two
Treacherous waters, nineteen
Treacherous waters, twenty
Treacherous waters, twenty-one
So close, seventy-one
Treacherous waters, twenty-two
Treacherous waters, twenty-three
So close, seventy-two
Treacherous waters, twenty-four
So close, seventy-three
Treacherous waters, twenty-five
On the edge, three
Treacherous waters, twenty-six
So close, seventy-four
On the edge, four
So close, seventy-five
Treacherous waters, twenty-seven
So close, seventy-six

On a bright january morning, I took a hard look at my life and the time sunk into Desert Golfing, deciding I wouldn’t get anything more out of the game by continuing to play it. It’s been a fun ride.

It’s sunny outside, should we go out?