Free Cash to Fight Income Inequality? California City Is First in U.S. to Try

Un article de Peter S. Goodman pour le New York Times fait le point sur la volonté du maire de Stockton de distribuer une aide financière à des familles pauvres, sans contrepartie.

“Poverty is the biggest issue,” the mayor said. “Everything we deal with stems from that. There’s so many people working incredibly hard, and if life happens, there’s no bottom.”

Once he took office, his staff recommended basic income as a potential means of attacking poverty, one that was starting to gain traction around the world.

In contrast to government programs that stipulate how money must be spent, basic income is supposed to deliver regular payments without restrictions. It amounts to a bet that poor people know the most appropriate use for a dollar better than bureaucrats. Rather than filling out forms and waiting to see case workers, people can devote their effort to looking for work, gaining skills or spending time with their children.


Illustration : © Jason Henry.

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Why Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Isn’t Working

Antti Jauhiainen et Joona-Hermanni Mäkinen dans le New York Times :

[…] by the time Finland actually attempted the experiment, a conservative government committed to economic austerity was in power. How could it spearhead a leftist benefits program in the midst of economic hardship?

It didn’t. The government has made no secret of the fact that its universal basic income experiment isn’t about liberating the poor or fighting inequality.

À ce stade, il n’y a pas grand-chose à attendre de l’expérimentation en cours en Finlande, en termes d’universalité ou de réduction des inégalités.

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