Free Cash to Fight Income Inequality ? California City Is First in U.S. to Try

Un article de Peter S. Goodman pour le New York Times fait le point sur la volon­té du maire de Stockton de dis­tri­buer une aide finan­cière à des familles pauvres, sans contre­par­tie.

Poverty is the big­gest issue,” the mayor said. “Everything we deal with stems from that. There’s so many people wor­king incre­di­bly hard, and if life hap­pens, there’s no bot­tom.”

Once he took office, his staff recom­men­ded basic income as a poten­tial means of atta­cking pover­ty, one that was star­ting to gain trac­tion around the world.

In contrast to govern­ment pro­grams that sti­pu­late how money must be spent, basic income is sup­po­sed to deli­ver regu­lar pay­ments without res­tric­tions. It amounts to a bet that poor people know the most appro­priate use for a dol­lar bet­ter than bureau­crats. Rather than filling out forms and wai­ting to see case wor­kers, people can devote their effort to loo­king for work, gai­ning skills or spen­ding time with their chil­dren.


Illustration : © Jason Henry.

California’s Universal Basic Income Experiment

Une inter­view vidéo en anglais de The Young Turks s’intéresse au pro­jet de reve­nu sans condi­tion por­té par Michael Tubbs, maire de la ville de Stockton en Californie. L’objectif est de ver­ser 500 dol­lars men­suels à 100 per­sonnes pen­dant un an et demi.

TYT’s Cenk Uygur spoke with the Mayor of Sacramento, Michael Tubbs on the city’s ground­brea­king eco­no­mic empo­werment intui­tive to pro­vide a basic income of $500 to 100 people for 18 months.

Illustration : © The Young Turks.