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Notes Internationals 183

Espagne : un article sur le revenu de base à l’échelle des villes

Un article en anglais de Faun Rice pour Basic Income News résume la publication consacrée au revenu de base dans le numéro 183 de la revue du Centre Barcelonais d’Affaires Internationales (CIDOB).

Coll identifies several key takeaways from a comparison of these projects. None of the experiments assess the potential behavioural change in rich or middle class basic income recipients. In addition, multi-level governance may cause problems for basic income pilots, but these issues may be mitigated as more evidence assessing the effectiveness of UBI builds from city-driven programs. Coll also acknowledges that all of the experiments listed in his paper are from affluent regions.

In conclusion, the author argues that UBI is a necessary step to alleviate economic inequality. While cities are experimenting with the best ways to implement UBI, they are often not real UBI trials (as they are not universal), and they do not always take an individual-based approach; however, they are nevertheless useful components of the Wise City model.Faun Rice

Source : BARCELONA, SPAIN: Think Tank Publishes New Paper on City-Driven Basic Income, Faun Rice pour Basic Income News.

Illustration : CC BY-NC-SA CIDOB.